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AFC Gamma is an institutional lender to the commercial real estate sector. The firm leverages its time-tested core competencies in private lending and real estate. AFC Gamma provides bridge loans and direct loans ranging from $10 million to $100 million and up. The firm targets investing strategically across multiple real estate sectors, taking advantage of market opportunities – driven by AFC Gamma’s extensive industry experience, financial flexibility and systematic speed of execution.

is a NASDAQ-listed Real Estate Investment Trust (ticker: AFCG).

The Advantages of a REIT

AFC Gamma is a real-estate investment trust which gives investors access to income generating commercial real estate investments. Not only is a real-estate vehicle appropriate for a real-estate lender, but a REIT offers investors several benefits. It’s income-oriented, with REIT participants eligible for a steady stream of distributions. And since REITs earn their tax exemption by distributing at least 90% of their income to shareholders and a 20% Qualified Business Income Deduction, REITs can typically generate higher-yielding (taxable) distributions to their investors.

Why AFC Gamma

The real estate market today sits at a crossroads – and AFC Gamma is primed to take advantage of the current opportunity set by traditional banks pulling back from commercial real estate lending. By stepping in to fill this void, AFC Gamma can arrange loans with attractive financial returns on select properties.
With a team that has decades of experience in commercial real estate lending, and an expertise in cannabis, AFC Gamma offers investors and clients deep industry knowledge coupled with a repeatable process to ensure a timely execution of transactions.



Our multi-step underwriting process is highly selective and attuned to investing in opportunities with attractive risk-adjusted returns while securing collateral to manage downside risk.


We structure loans to meet our borrower’s needs. This customized approach means that AFC Gamma can grow and expand our partnerships, which benefits our borrowers as well as our investors. A well-tailored deal is more apt to deliver strong returns.


We aim to develop long-lasting relationships with our borrowers, sponsors and investors. We believe that AFC Gamma’s institutional approach for structuring deals and reputation for building relationships provides a unique opportunity for flexible, timely financing solutions across the real estate market.


AFC Gamma is proud of the leading industry experts and management team we’ve assembled whose backgrounds are directly related to generating cash flow and real-estate lending. Meet our senior-level executives; see full team here.

Leonard M. Tannenbaum, CFA

Leonard M. Tannenbaum, CFA

Founder and Executive Chairman of AFC

Robyn Tannenbaum

Robyn Tannenbaum

Partner, President

Daniel Neville

Daniel Neville

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

* Investment instruments represent a variety of benefits and risks. A well-diversified investment portfolio generally allows for a more balanced risk/reward profile than one that is heavily concentrated in one or a limited number of investment instruments. Similar to many investment options, REITs can offer a number of benefits but they also carry a variety of risks. When considering participation in a REIT in comparison to participating in other investment products, an investor should evaluate any similarities and differences among the various investment options being considered so that a thoughtful decision can be made as to which investments may be appropriate for that investor..

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