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AFC Gamma (NASDAQ AFCG) is a leading provider of institutional loans to high-quality cannabis operators nationwide in all aspects of production: cultivation, processing, and distribution. We offer loans and related facilities, generally secured by substantial assets such as real estate, licenses and cashflow. With years of combined lending expertise and real-estate experience, AFC Gamma’s principles are now focused on the exponential growth of the cannabis industry.

AFC Gamma. Advanced Flower Capital’s commercial finance REIT blends cash flow and real-estate underwriting.

The Advantages of a REIT*

AFC Gamma is a real-estate investment trust which gives investors access to income generating commercial real estate investments. Not only is a real-estate vehicle appropriate for a real-estate lender, but a REIT offers investors several benefits. It’s income-oriented, with REIT participants eligible for a steady stream of distributions. And since REITs earn their tax exemption by distributing at least 90% of their income to shareholders quarterly and a 20% Qualified Business Income Deduction, REITs can typically generate more and higher-yielding (taxable) cash flow to their investors.

Why AFC Gamma

The interest in the development of cannabis-based therapies and consumer products cannot be denied. However, while cannabis can be an appealing investment, the federal landscape is uncertain from a regulatory standpoint. Policies governing cannabis vary across the country and every state is different with regard to regulation, license requirement, and supply / demand dynamic. As a result of our rigorous diligence, not all operators qualify for financing. Potential investors as well as companies in the cannabis space deserve the highest quality when selecting an institutional lender. We believe that AFC Gamma stands out.



Our multi-step underwriting process is highly selective and attuned to investing in opportunities with attractive risk-adjusted returns while securing collateral to manage downside risk. As of November 1, 2022 of 661 potential deals, only 16 made it to funding or commitment, with 58 under further review.


We aim to develop long-lasting relationships with our borrowers and investors. We believe that AFC Gamma’s institutional approach to structuring deals and reputation for building relationships fills the void left by a lack of financing in the cannabis space making it more likely for our partnerships.


We structure loans to meet our borrower’s needs. This customized approach means that AFC Gamma can grow and expand our partnerships, which benefits our borrowers as well as our investors. A well-tailored deal is more apt to deliver strong returns.


Bn of transactions

From January 1, 2020 through November 1, 2022


Million of
deals committed

Industry Highlights

The United States retail cannabis market is expected to generate between $22.0 and $26.4 billion in total sales for 2021.  The annual U.S. retail cannabis sales were also projected to rise to between approximately $20.9 billion and $47.3 billion by 2027 (1).

Key Market Drivers

  • Rising demand from consumers for therapies and products derived from cannabis
  • Increasing positive legislation in support of cannabis
  • Wide range of benefits for both medical and recreational use
  • Growing medical use

Market Opportunities

  • U.S. cannabis industry is estimated to have a total annual economic impact of greater than $90 billion by 2023 (2)
  • Interest-bearing loans as a type of investment in the cannabis industry increased to 37% in 2019 from 22% in 2017 (3)
(1) Source: 2022 Statista
(2) Source: 2021 Marijuana Business Daily.
(3) Source: 2019 Marijuana Business Factbook


“After an exhaustive search for a lending institution that truly understands our industry and the many challenges we face in cultivating, processing, distributing, and dispensing medical cannabis, we chose AFC as our primary source of funding. We know we made the right decision in partnering with AFC.

Our business is growing exponentially and much of that is due to the solid relationship we have built with AFC. Len and Robyn have been terrific partners. Even when we hit a few stumbling blocks, they were there to provide flexible solutions that allowed us to move forward in an even greater capacity.

Thank you, AFC, for making the financial process rewarding for us all.”

– Mark Toigo, Organic Remedies

“AFC was chosen over several lenders we interviewed in the cannabis space. They quickly provided us the capital needed to accelerate our cultivation capacity at one location, and to purchase the entire facility in our new location” said Kevin Riggs, President of Beleaf Medical. “AFC’s team maintains diligent communications with our team so they are always on top of our ever-changing business. They also have introduced us to other vital connections in the industry to help us grow successfully. We made the right choice!”

– Mitch Meyers Beleaf Co

“We chose Advanced Flower Capital when traditional lenders said “No”. AFC made the selective underwriting process easy to navigate with the help of their expertise. We look forward to expanding our facilities and reaching the next level for our business with AFC on our side.”

– Nicole Stark, Bloom Medicinals

Through our parent company, Devi Holdings Inc., Nature’s Medicines has had the good fortune of partnering with AFC for several years now to help advance our business strategy. As a reliable, dynamic, knowledgeable partner, AFC has provided invaluable guidance in addition to vital capital for expanding our operations in key states throughout the country. We are looking forward to continuing to forge our path together with AFC and are excited about the business opportunities that lie ahead.

Nature’s Medicines is a rapidly growing, vertically integrated cannabis company operating in six states. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the company is a minority and family-owned cannabis cultivator and retailer committed to providing affordable products and investing in the communities in which it operates. Nature’s Medicines currently operates cultivation and dispensing facilities in Arizona, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, and New Mexico.

– Jigar Patel, Nature’s Medicines



AFC Gamma is proud of the leading industry experts and management team we’ve assembled whose backgrounds are directly related to generating cash flow and real-estate lending. Meet our senior-level executives; see full team here.

Leonard M. Tannenbaum

Leonard M. Tannenbaum

Partner & CEO, AFC Gamma

Robyn Tannenbaum

Robyn Tannenbaum

Partner, President

Jonathan Kalikow

Jonathan Kalikow

Partner, Head of Real-Estate

* Investment instruments represent a variety of benefits and risks. A well-diversified investment portfolio generally allows for a more balanced risk/reward profile than one that is heavily concentrated in one or a limited number of investment instruments. Similar to many investment options, REITs can offer a number of benefits but they also carry a variety of risks. When considering participation in a REIT in comparison to participating in other investment products, an investor should evaluate any similarities and differences among the various investment options being considered so that a thoughtful decision can be made as to which investments may be appropriate for that investor..

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